Welcome to Intelligent and Integrated Built Environment (IIBE) Lab

The IIBE lab is dedicated to building our future built environment to be sustainable, resilient, and human-centered. This will be achieved through improving intelligence and integration of the built environment, supported by Artificial Intelligence, advanced sensing, and modeling techiniques. We are enthusiastic to embrace this era of data explosion and the advancement of computing powers to make future built environment better!

Research Directions


2023 Aug: Our project titled "Elements: A Convergent Physics-based and Data-driven Computing Platform for Building Modeling" is funded by US National Science Foundation! We will build an open-sourced cyberinfrastructure to support convergent modeling of buildings. 

2023 May: We receive two grants from Utah Department of Transportation to apply computer vision and sensing techniques to enable auto road condition assessment and salt pile quantification. 

2023 Feb: Our paper "Data-driven analysis of influential factors on residential energy end-use in the US" (link) is published in Journal of Building Engineering!

2022 Oct: The project supported by US Department of Energy to build the solar-based resilient power system for remote households at Navajo Nation has officially started!

2022 June: Our paper "Stochastic simulation of occupant-driven energy use in a bottom-up residential building stock model" (link) is published in Applied Energy.

2022 May: Our paper "A review of computing-based automated fault detection and diagnosis of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems" (link) is published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.

2021 Nov: Glad to receive the project "Socio-Technological Guided Enhancement of Power Infrastructure Resilience" supported by US National Science Foundation! 

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